Laser-focused engineering and production processes reduce ongoing hardware program costs

Lifecycle Engineering

Engineering for product longevity by analyzing components’ lifecycle roadmaps

Cost Reduction Analysis

Methodically driving down supply chain costs while maintaining and improving quality over the life of your product

Process Efficiencies

Process automation designed for building complex products maximizes production efficiency

Embracing engineering innovation and agility to extend your product lifecycles and improve cost efficiencies.

With continuous improvement front of mind, MBX seamlessly balances product engineering, functionality and costs to help reduce spend and eliminate waste over the life of your medical device.

Lifecycle Engineering

Focusing on high-quality embedded components with extended roadmaps extends your product's shelf life

Cost Reduction Analysis

Gaining a clear understanding of your objectives and strategic priorities for product and process refinements

Process Efficiencies

Our flexible workflow processes are designed to reduce waste, cycle time and labor

More Capabilities

Product Lifecycle Management

Platforms designed and maintained with the longevity of your products in mind

Regulatory & Compliance

Small details can create a huge impact – we can bring it all together for you

Inventory Management

Warranty and support programs tailored to your project needs

Design for Manufacturing

Take your technology to market without the challenges of making it work on hardware

Supply Chain Traceability

The faster and easier you can access your hardware program data, the smarter your operations can function​

Quality Management

With your name on it, every product has to work right out of the box. We stake our reputation on safeguarding yours

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