Solutions by Market

Delivering breakthrough performance and density with next-gen hardware

Custom-designed solutions

Put your medical product manufacturing on the path to success with custom designed hardware that’s engineered for the long haul

MBX engineers are renowned for mastering complex configuration challenges and optimizing hardware designs for the technology it supports.



Accelerates the demanding workloads of diagnostics applications

Varion W1-MSF1-IS Series
Varion W1-MT1-IS Series


Designed to scale for powerful next-gen imaging analytics

Varion V1-P1R4 Series

Patient Monitoring

Delivers maximum availability and performance in a variety of environments

Varion W1-MSF1-IS Series
Varion W1-MT1-IS Series

Display Systems

Flexible options to span medical and healthcare displays needs

Display systems

Life Sciences


Accelerated hardware platform designed for large datasets and high performance computing requirements

Varion C1-M1R3-IS Series

Data Security

Secure, scalable and flexible architecture perfectly suited for security applications

Varion V1-P1R4 Series


A performance-driven platform with the horsepower to support high-throughput computational requirements

Varion C1-M1R3-IS Series


Manage genomics workloads on purpose-built high powered servers with best-in-class storage

Varion G1-MT8-ID Series

Mixed reality

Customized hardware and HMD integration for turnkey deployments

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