Hardware and software optimization to maximize the performance of your software as well as the hardware that runs it

Software Image Preparation

You develop your technology, and we’ll make sure it works right with the hardware

Application Validation Testing

Everything needed to validate your software image for the use-case and environment

Revision Control Protocols

Standards to ensure records are maintained according to regulatory requirements

Your technology operates vitally important medical devices, so it always needs to work flawlessly

It takes incredible expertise to design and manufacture highly-engineered medical devices, and even more so to efficiently integrate and validate the hardware and software for its environment. MBX orchestrates these processes as we onboard your product to get you to market without delay.

Software Image Preparation

MBX platform engineers work methodically to make your image production-ready

Application Validation Testing

Preparing for configuration complexities before production begins

Revision Control Protocols

Data captured and managed to satisfy regulatory requirements

More Capabilities

Value Analysis Value Engineering

We’ll seamlessly manage your product deployments while you seize new markets

Product Lifecycle Management

Platforms designed and maintained with the longevity of your products in mind

Quality Management

With your name on it, every product has to work right out of the box. We stake our reputation on safeguarding yours

Supply Chain Traceability

The faster and easier you can access your hardware program data, the smarter your operations can function​

Inventory Management

Warranty and support programs tailored to your project needs

Design for Manufacturing

Take your technology to market without the challenges of making it work on hardware

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