MBX Hatch and MBX Forge

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Customer Tools

The backbone of a fully-transparent hardware program

MBX Hatch

MBX Hatch™ is the manufacturing orchestration software toolset that centralizes all the processes for your company to manage your complex hardware program.

MBX Forge

MBX Forge™ is our award-winning manufacturing ecosystem that enables a truly custom and transparent manufacturing experience for your company without the time or expense of a custom set up.

MBX Hatch: Hardware Orchestration Platform​

Hatch is a breakthrough cloud-based management toolset for the B2B hardware supply chain designed to dramatically reduce program administration time and costs by consolidating engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and data in a fully interactive 24/7 environment.

Additional Core Features

MBX Forge: Test and Verification

Forge is MBX’s automated test and verification system that eliminates human intervention during product configuration or the need to set up your own test environment. It provides all the network infrastructure, drivers, testing suites and other requirements that ensure consistent quality.


Forge captures your unique needs for a customized hardware program with incredible quality and efficiency:


Imagine having a view into your entire product build process – MBX gives you the ability to monitor your orders in progress by work center:


MBX’s infrastructure and information systems undergo multiple stringent and detailed third-party quality and security audits:

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